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Decorative door panels ALPO

In order to meet customer needs, we offer different types, colours and models of panels to be embedded in the door leafs – entrance, interior and others.

The decorative thermopanels provide opportunities for aesthetic and durable solutions to suit your needs. Depending on the shapes and design, the panels are different series – with cleaner and simpler forms, with classic or retro design or with more modern elements suitable for buildings with more modern architecture.

The decorative panels are made of solid panels with XPS polystyrene insulation inserted between them, which ensures good hydro and heat insulation, fire resistance and strength. They are made of high-quality materials and have the necessary certification. The panels are available in all RAL system colours.

The panels are available with thicknesses: 20 mm, 24 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm and 44 mm. Accessories such as bells, spies, decorative handles, etc. can be added to them

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