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Helima glazing bars

Decorations mounted to the glass or inserted in between the individual glass panes – Helima and Viennese glazing bars

If you want to add individuality and innovative style to your joinery, choose from the numerous variants of Helima and Viennese glazing bars. They are decorative bars, glued from the outside (Viennese glazing bars) or inside the glazing (Helima) in order to achieve the effect of a segmented window.


Helima glazing bars – decorative aluminium elements that optically separate the space of the glazing, creating the end-user’s preferred vision. They are inserted in the glazing – between the individual glass panes, gripping the spacer. Various configurations can be made. The offered width is 8 mm. The colours available are white, golden and standard wood – golden oak, dark oak, walnut and others.


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