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Regardless of how many windows you produce, what features your components have to do and how you manufacture windows: MACOMULTI-MATIC is individually tailored to your workflow – depending on your window’s features and how you work. You get exactly what you want.

Do you want to provide the greatest benefits possible for your customers and to optimize as best as possible your production? Do not ask anywhere. Ask MACO!

  • For single-double axis – windows up to a sash weight of 130 kg
  • For single-double axis – balcony doors up to a sash weight of 150 kg
  • For wood and plastic for 9 and 13 mm locking axis of the hardware
  • Turn-tilt, tilt-turn, turning or tilting performance
  • Increased rebate width of triple-casement windows
  • Reduced basis of the hinge of triple-casement windows
  • Reduced minimal application area of the upper double axis hinge
  • Additional tilt and turn mechanism for micro-ventilation
  • Adjustment of downforce in tilt and turn mechanism
  • Built-in in the tilt and turn mechanism undemanding service plastic slider
  • No further weight transfer
  • Without breaking the gasket
  • No open guiding channel
  • Approved for all МАСО-system testing
  • Burglary protection

For years, only MACO, as a hardware producer, mounts serially a standard built-in retainer of all biaxial window catches with an integrated function for lifting the sash and against the wrong manoeuvre.
up to RC2

  • Possible automated installation of the hardware along the sash
  • Optionally with extreme protection against corrosion in TRICOAT-PLUS
  • Optionally with caps

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